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Mar 28, 2014
joshua hudson Says:
Hello and thank you so much for this video I was 70kg and I was only 11 but now I am 50kg and I'm turning 13 :)
Apr 19, 2014
Carolina Daltton Says:
I eat every two or two and a half hours is that okay? I dont eat as much as i should eat but i eat like breakfast strawberries an banana slices with peanut butter like sandiwch, the 2 hours later i eat 2 egss, 2 hours later apple slices with peanut butter and almonds sandiwch, and things like that because i like to eat little snacks..
May 5, 2014
MrWalalaa Says:
This is so confusing. There is so much information and contradictions between all the info. In the end, i think its all bro science. Find what works for you.
Mar 22, 2014
Normandy F Says:
She speakes perfect to me. I love her British accent.
Feb 19, 2014
Thaely Carrasco Says:
Hello Joanna, can I eat does diet desserts I would say that they have in stores which apparently are healthy I would describe as snacks. Well I'm here in the U.S.A and I've seen those in different brands which are Special K, Fiber One, Nutri Grain, and this crakers that are delicious that are caleed Nabisco idk if you have heard of these snacks. And they are 90-125 calories. So can I eat these or not?
Jun 15, 2014
Nicole Sparkles Says:
thank you this helped me so much
Jun 11, 2014
macel tuazon Says:
Can I just eat fruit every 3-4
Jun 6, 2014
Suzzie Anne Says:
no one actually goes for training to have the accent that they want. The accent just proves your partly from a different culture and i think its cool having accents and she sounds audible as long as you understand the message she is giving forget about the accent. and she has a nice accent.
Jul 26, 2014
Ashley ASHLEYM Says:
I kinda find it funny when people say this is not a diet, because technically a diet is just food eaten, so eating healthily is just changing your diet to a healthy diet, but I understand your point, they're more specifically called fad diets.
Jul 15, 2014
Rae Stanton Says:
Subscribed! I love you already
Jan 16, 2014
sonia sharma Says:
I have cholestrol problem what kind of diet I should have,but my weight is nt much,its almost ok but I wnt to loose that little extra weight I have put on n to bcm lean
Mar 6, 2014
thurm101 Says:
People are horrible. 
Apr 17, 2014
HarvardRadRes Says:
Wearing too much...
Feb 18, 2014
Lidya Ucer Says:
how much weight?
Mar 4, 2014
Diana Weed Says:
i like how you speak
Jul 1, 2014
Bhavika Mehta Says:
I want to reduce give me proper diet I m vegetarian 
Jan 1, 2014
zaazi123 Says:
thanks for the video :)
Mar 1, 2014
Nasra Sharif Says:
Joanna I'm only 11 and I'm over weight plz heeeeeelp do u eat at night????? What do you eat in the night hoe bout in the morning
Dec 9, 2013
anonoymous x Says:
who else is in love with the accent xd?
Feb 17, 2014
Gina George Says:
hiiii...can u tell us please more about meals 4 diets
Nov 12, 2013
is noodels good food?
Nov 24, 2013
David Simons Says:
Do you actually count your calories? Or, do you just go by how you feel? Satisfied meaning that you have ate enough, but not too many, calories? And, unsatisfied meaning that you haven't ate enough food? I was just wondering because I hate counting calories. And, as long as I just eat a decent amount of food, do you think I would be Okay in doing that? I just found out I have pre-diabetes. So, I am definitely trying my BEST to eat better (and lose weight). Just wondered what your opinion on this would be. Thanks for the awesome video, too. Loved listening to you. You seem very knowledgeable! (:
Mar 2, 2014
Magalie Bravo Says:
Or, you can excessive! get off your lazy asses and go on a jog. you will loose more weight and you wont have to diet at all..
Jul 8, 2014
Zarifa Hudayberdieva Says:
Hi Joanna sorry i didn't understand these 3 meals can you explain how to eat and what to eat . Thanks for your helping.
Jul 5, 2014
Fruitarian Rowan Says:
Joanna, why would you eat your proteins, fats and carbs together? Isn't is a bad food combining? what about digestive enzymes?

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